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Category: Personal Injury

Personal injury topics including car accidents, bus accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall, and more.

What is a Massachusetts Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Deductible, and why are they a Bad Idea?

Massachusetts Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is no fault insurance coverage available through your own insurance policy or the policy of a household member related by blood or marriage. Unsavvy consumers often waive this coverage in an effort to save money on their premium. Why is this a bad idea?   What is Personal Injury Protection…

Injured at Walmart? We can help.

Walmart is a good place to go for low-priced goods and a quality shopping experience.  It is also a place ripe with risk for accidents causing injury for those visiting the store. Negligent maintenance of the premises can lead to hazards that may cause accidents and injuries, such as tripping over merchandise left in an…